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North American Review 278.6

     You get full maternity coverage less the deductible.
     You get the orange and blue Ovaltine shaker and the decoder ring.
     You get dessert if you finish those vegetables.
     You get to stay up late.

     You get a personally signed photograph.
     You get a poster suitable for framing.
     You get to use the car.
     You get half and half for twenty extra.

     You get three days and two nights free.
     You get bonus miles, dollars, points.
     You get the steak knives if you order now.
     You get a continental breakfast on the house.

     You get 20% off.
     You get 50% off if you act promptly.
     You get hundreds of useful and attractive items to choose from.
     You get individual instruction.

     You get every record ever made.
     You get every book ever published.
     You get every fruit, flower, cheese, coffee. Every cable channel.
     You get everything you ever wanted, everything you deserve.

     You get immediate relief.
     You get peace of mind.
     You get a plot guaranteed in perpetuity.
     You get it all.



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