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Kansas Quarterly 23.3/4
America West April 1999

     "So what do you think?"
     "Either would be okay. In fact, any of the three."
     "But you must have a preference."
     "Not really. The museum would be fine. Or a shiatsu. We haven't done that in a while. Or a movie. Actually, either of the two movies you mentioned."
     "You mean, when you think about those three things — really, four things — you don't have the slightest preference? They each have exactly the same appeal?"
     "More or less. I could be perfectly content doing any of them. Which would you prefer?"
     "Let's try a different tack. Can you identify which of the four things appeals to you the least?"
     "I don't know. I guess it would be the movie."
     "Do you mean either movie?"
     "Well, I guess I mean the fast paced action suspense thriller. The uptown movie."
     "Now we're making progress. We're down to three things. Although we haven't even started on restaurant choices."
     "Why should I decide? Why don't you choose?"
     "I always choose. You always get me to. Then if you don't like how things turn out, you feel free to sulk."
     "I don't sulk."
     "You do."
     "Look, I'm really up for anything you want to do today. I mean it. Just tell me what you want."
     "Okay. Let's go see the Hopper show. You mentioned it yesterday, wanting to see it."
     "Is that what you want to do?"
     "Jesus. I just said it, didn't I?"
     "What you said was, you heard me saying I wanted to do that. I got the impression you really want to go for a shiatsu."
     "Listen. I can't stand much more of this. I'm serious."
     "Please don't get upset. We don't have to do anything. We can just stay home and watch TV if you like. That'd be okay with me. Besides, it's 20 degrees out, and you hate the cold."
     "Okay. Fine. Terrific. We'll stay home. I'll order Chinese in."
     "That'd be super. Or Italian. From that place on 3rd Avenue that delivers. Whichever you prefer."



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