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Quick Fiction #2

      Finally, at last, but also and always too soon, he felt it begin to build to where, although it was still probably 30 seconds away, he had to concede the inevitability, his inability to control it, although she still didn't know (and he treasured this transient secret), didn't and wouldn't know until the involuntary spasms betrayed him and he let loose the scream he was sitting on because the game was up and she couldn't mistake the explosion taking place in her mouth for anything other than what it was, which is to say, his complete and utter capitulation.
     Three full minutes passed before his breathing returned to normal. He opened his eyes and spoke.
     "That was heroic. Olympian."
     "Do I get a medal?"
     "I was watching the scores. Nine-eight, nine-eight, nine-five, nine-seven..."
     "Nine-five?" she said, turning toward him and arching an eyebrow.
     "French judge," he said, thinking fast.



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