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Utne Reader #65
North American Review 279.3

     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Perkins of Verona, New Jersey, have announced the engagement of their daughter Dale Carswell Perkins to Randolph Newell Greene, the son of Mr. Newell Greene Jr. and Amanda Prescott Greene, deceased, of Weston, Conn.
     Ms. Perkins, 31, is employed by The Museum of Modern Art in a public relations capacity. She was graduated from Hollins College with a B.A. in art history. A reticent young woman, she has had a total of five lovers (including Mr. Greene), and in this age of AIDS, she is willing to forgo further experimentation for the presumed safety of marriage. She has never felt completely comfortable at her job and hopes to become pregnant soon so that she can quit without appearing to be "doing nothing." She believes her prospective husband to be decent and kind enough, but she wishes he was less abrupt in bed. She plans to ask him to shave or wax the hair off his back as soon as they are married, and wonders how he will respond to this request. Her father, retired, was the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for the Portland Cement Company. Her mother is active in Verona charities and civic affairs.
     Mr. Greene, 29, is with Hi Rise Associates, a mortgage brokerage firm in New York. He was graduated from the Choate School and the University of Connecticut. He is a thoroughly ordinary young man, not unintelligent or unattractive, but undistinguished in any way. He wishes he had attended a more prestigious university, and six years into his career he has recognized the impossibility of both living adequately and simultaneously saving for the future. His retirement plan consists of waiting for his father and the elderly parents of his prospective bride to die. He has cheated with two different women since becoming engaged, but with the cheerful duplicity some men manifest, he remains deeply committed to Ms. Perkins and believes they will make a successful marriage. His father is a private investor and a member of the University Club in New York.



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